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Grand Tour Nation is the largest community of fans of The Grand Tour on Amazon Instant Video. The website generates over 1,000,000 page views per month from over 500,000 unique visitors and attracts car fans from around the world with a majority from the United States and United Kingdom.

Site Stats

  • Facebook Fans: 640,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 55,000+
  • Newsletter subscribers: 10,000+
  • Twitter follower: 2,000+
  • Page Views per Month: 1,000,000+

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Sponsorship #1

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The stripe ad is a text ad appearing on the top of the blog post. Your text ad can have up to 50 characters description. Only 4 rotations are available at any one time. Price is $500 per month.

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Sponsorship #2

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The 300×250 ad appears on every page for both mobile and desktop. Your ad will go in rotation for a minimum of 25% of page views. You may purchase more rotation if you wish your ad to show up more often – buy 4 rotations and you’ll own the entire ad spot. Price per rotation is $1000 per month. The banner can not be bigger than 25K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

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Sponsorship #3

125×125 Button Sponsorship

The 125×125 button appear on every page viewed on a desktop computer, under the heading “GTN Sponsors.” Button locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $500 per month per button. Only four spots are available. The button can not be bigger than 15K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

If you’re interested in securing a 125×125 button sponsorship, Email [email protected]

More Ad Zones coming soon, so check back often.