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Clarkson’s Farm Criticised Over Realistic Farming Representation Claims: “Not Everybody Has £2 Million To Spend On A Piece Of Land”

Jeremy Clarkson received a lot of praise for his latest venture, Clarkson’s Farm, from the farming industry following the release of the first season. However, with many comparisons made between the Prime Video show and other farming TV shows, former Springwatch host, Kate Humble, was quick to speak out on her thoughts on the matter.

The Grand Tour host explained that he wanted his show to give a true insight into British farming, alluding that the industry has not been shown in a realistic light in other programmes. Clarkson explained to

“There are two ways farming is covered (on TV).

“Ordinarily, one is American industrial farming and we’re told, you know, the news reports of these awful huts for cows that stretch for hundreds of hundreds of acres in every direction.

“And then the other is Kate Humble with a newly born lamb in fresh straw.

“And the reality is that most British farming is sort of in-between – it’s actually pretty good.”

He continued:

“It does its best to look after the environment, looks after the animals and has very high standards – very, very high standards in this country. And I really wanted to reflect that,”

To respond to the claims of the former Top Gear host, Humble was asked if she thought farming shows honestly reflected the farming industry. She responded:

“Yes I think they do because Kate Humble holding a lamb is part of British farming.

“Not everybody has got £2million to spend on a piece of farm equipment that doesn’t work or is the wrong piece of farm equipment.”

“I have to say I haven’t seen the series, but I will also say that he has done a tremendous service to farming in Britain,”

She added:

“He has shown that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s b****y difficult.

“The people who farm our landscape, and who produce our food on our behalf, are incredibly skilled and incredibly hard-working.

“And whether it takes Clarkson’s style of programme, or my style of programme to help us understand and appreciate exactly what farmers do for us – I think there’s room for all those sorts of programmes.”

She continued:

“I think the thing that we seem to have forgotten which is so weird is that we wouldn’t have anything to eat [without farmers],”

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re vegan, you only eat meat or a gentle mixture of everything in between.

“We only have food, because people produce it for us, and those people are farmers.

“We don’t seem to appreciate how much they do and how hard their job is.”

“I think any farming programme that sheds light on the complexities and challenges facing our farmers to keep us fed is really important,”

“I think there’s space for all of them, and if it means me cuddling a lamb or him driving a great big tractor, it doesn’t matter, they’re both equally important.”

After the success of the first season of Clarkson’s Farm, Prime Video were quick to announce the upcoming second series which filming recently ended on. No release date has been revealed yet, however, it has been indicated that it will come out in January or February 2023.

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