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Clarkson’s Farm Fans Call For Huge Change In Diddly Squat Show

Clarkson’s Farm fans have been calling for change in the format for the hit farming show, despite it currently only being confirmed for one more season.

The second series of the Prime Video show aired in February and with many fans binge-watching it during the opening weekend, they are already eagerly waiting for the next season. Jeremy Clarkson recently responded to a fan on Twitter saying his best guess is that the third season will be a 18-month wait at the moment.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

The show, which saw stars Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hogan, Charlie Ireland, and Gerald Cooper rise to fame, is filmed over a year period before it goes in to be edited. However, fans are becoming frustrated with the long waiting time between seasons.

On a recent social media post from the Diddly Squat Farm, one fan commented:

“Jeremy. Could you have weekly YouTube updates. I’m waiting patiently for Clarkson’s farm S3 but i know we (your community) would like more.”

Another fan responded:

“This really needs to be a weekly series”

Prime Video announced towards the end of 2022 that they had renewed Clarkson’s Farm for a third series. This was prior to the Grand Tour host’s controversial column on Meghan Markle which has caused a huge amount of backlash onto the presenter.

Since the column, Prime Video has kept very quiet about future contracts with Clarkson. There has been speculation that he will not be given further contracts beyond what is already in place. This would mean that Clarkson’s Farm will end after the third season. However, nothing has been confirmed on this yet.

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