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Clarkson’s Farm Fans Call For Surprising Spin-Off

Clarkson’s Farm fans have taken to social media to call for a spin-off series no one saw coming.

The hit series shows Jeremy Clarkson take on his farming venture along with young farming contractor Kaleb Cooper, land agent “Cheerful Charlie” Ireland, ‘head of security’ Gerald Cooper, and Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Fans have previously called for Kaleb to have his own series, however, what fans love the most is his chemistry with the Grand Tour presenter and his ease of not having a problem with putting Clarkson in his place.

Now, fans have been calling for a surprising spin-off of the show featuring Gerald Cooper. Cooper has quickly become a fan favourite for his hilarious character on the farm but also the way many people cannot understand his thick West Country accent.

The Diddly Squat Farm shop recently shared a post of the behind-the-scenes of the third series of Clarkson’s Farm which gave fans the opportunity to call for the extra content from Gerald. One fan commented:

“Can we have a G Dog spin off series please?”

Another fan suggested having Gerald feature on ‘Countdown’, which would be hilarious. They wrote:

“Some ideas… Have a weekly live show as Country file used to, but better!… Oh, and get G Dog on Countdown”

Someone else kept it strong and simple, writing:


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