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Clarkson’s Farm Fans Furious After Finding Caravan Park Next To Diddly Squat

Fans of the famous new Prime Video show Clarkson’s Farm have discussed how furious they are after finding a caravan park next to Jeremy’s Diddly Squat Farm. This on the surface doesn’t seem an issue, but after observing the council battle resulting in Jeremy not being able to expand his business, it simply makes the West Oxfordshire District Council look like a joke.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows for former Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. From dealing with unpredictable animals to navigating the complexities of farming regulations, Clarkson has had his work cut out for him as he attempts to diversify the revenue streams of his Diddly Squat Farm in the Oxfordshire countryside.

However, one of the most dramatic storylines of the season has been Clarkson’s battle with the local council over his plans to build a restaurant and car park on his property. As fans of the show will know, Clarkson has always been an unconventional farmer, often making bold decisions that don’t always sit well with the authorities. But this decision made complete sense, allowing local farmers to make more money while making sure visitors to Diddly Squat Farm Shop could park off the road in a safer place.

Unfortunately for Clarkson, these plans were denied because they would affect the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. But fans have been angered by the fact that right next to Diddly Squat Farm, a caravan park has been built with the majority of its land being paved over.

“That council should be downright ashamed its a f***ing restaurant not a skyscraper, the road and the traffic could be sorted with a car park and better handling of it but they wouldn’t even allow that. It was clearly personal and in doing so they’ve screwed over a few farms that needed help,” a fan of the show posted to Reddit. [sic]

Another added:

“Not only that, but look on Google maps. Right next to him in the area of outstanding natural beauty is a paved caravan park.” [sic]

A third also responded:

“I noticed that too. I bet the owner of that park loves the farm there and stuff, it makes that caravan park a destination for many caravaners that wouldn’t usually go there.” [sic]

Because of this blatant witch hunt against the Grand Tour presenter, fans of him and the show have been vocal about their beliefs that the council is targetting him:

“Oh it most likely looks like it’s a biased attack on Jeremy and the media to get out of their little community. If this was a regular farmer I bet the council would try to help them out more.” [sic]

We’re sure more will be revealed about the goings on of this local council as we edge closer to Season 3. But until then, we’ll keep you updated here.

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