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Clarkson’s Farm Fans Praise “Underrated Queen” After Season 2 Council Battle

Clarkson’s Farm fans are praising a local council representative who went to bat for Jeremy Clarkson during the televised battle as the presenter fought for his restaurant idea. Reddit users have dubbed her the “Underrated Queen” of the farm after she stood up to opposition and supported Clarkson’s efforts to build a business that would not only raise revenue for him, but for other struggling farmers around him, too.

As the show continues to gain a devoted following after Season 2, this council representative has garnered attention and praise from fans around the world as she fought for not only Jeremy, but farmers of the area.

A Redditor by the name of u/play_Max_Payne_pls, wrote the following:

“Watching Clarkson’s Farm and this woman is an underrated queen. Actually recognising the local farming culture and how it’s important for the community they live in, & sadly she was only one of a few who was for this. She absolutely deserves the praise for trying to support these farmers.” [sic].

The council came under huge amounts of fire after they turned down Jeremy’s idea of creating a cooperative, with fans blasting the group for heading a “witch hunt” against the presenter.

Another added:

“Jeremy has obviously not had a fantastic history with the general public,” PsychedelicPistachio.

“But he is in such a unique position where he can essentially operate his farm at a loss, using his own money as well as Amazon’s to essentially do what he wants, that restaurant would have helped hundreds of people, employing all the staff as well as using other local farms produce, as well as work for contractors and electricians, plumbers etc, on top of all this council tax paid to the community and a massive onslaught of people coming to the town a good many of which would spend money there as well.

“On top of all this he is promoting British farming in a way no one else is pointing out that massive amount of red tape and thin margins that are crippling them.” [sic]

It’s no secret that Jeremy has done incredible amounts for the farming community, highlighting the red tape every farming business has to crawl through to simply make a scratch of a living. With Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm already being filmed, we’re excited to see Jeremy continue his fight against the council for the good of the farming industry.

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