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Clarkson’s Farm Insider Reveals What Jeremy Clarkson Hates About The Diddly Squat Farm – “It’s Pretty Amusing”

The first series of Clarkson’s Farm was an instant hit with Jeremy Clarkson fans but also with the farming community who praised the show for giving a realistic view of the industry. Clarkson’s land agent, “Cheerful Charlie” Ireland has spoken about one of the things the Grand Tour host hates the most about the Diddly Squat Farm, and apparently it is a common view with farmers.

Ireland explained in the recent interview:

“He really doesn’t like sheep. But, you know, just the brilliance of him, on TV he turns the sheep from something that might be mundane and tiresome into actually what is a pretty amusing plot line.

“Because he captures exactly what every farmer finds with sheep. They’re difficult to keep.”

Ireland went on to give a bit of background on the sheep that he and Clarkson chose for the Diddly Squat Farm. He explained:

“We did go out and buy some really smart North Country mules. I mean they’re nice sheep. In fact, the sheep were bred by Alistair Cook’s wife. So those of you that know the Hunts, they came from Alice and Henry Hunt, who farmed just outside Leighton Buzzard.

“And we bought them. So, yep. Cracking sheep. They’re the two rams that we introduced, Leonardo and Wayne. I have no idea why he called them that, but he did.”

The land agent also revealed that Clarkson has joined forces with a neighbouring farmer to bring their flocks of sheep together.

“In true farm consultant fashion, we’ve created a joint venture with another neighbour who has a smaller flock. So we’ve merged our one hundred and thirty sheep with his hundred. So there is almost a viable flock. All of the lambs are sold through the farm shop which is good and you have to get there quickly.

“It’s amazing how quickly somebody will buy half a lamb when it has a Diddly Squat Farm sticker on it.”

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