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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Corrected By Agent After Instagram Blunder

The first series of Clarkson’s Farm introduced us to Jeremy Clarkson’s right-hand man, Kaleb Cooper. He became a fan favourite overnight with his quick remarks and hilarious way of putting Clarkson in his place.

Since the release of the first season of the show, Cooper has bagged himself a book deal and he recently took to his Instagram stories to show off getting the first chapter of his book, The World According To Kaleb, but he ended up getting “told off” for sharing too much.

Cooper explained on his Instagram stories about his book which is due to be released in October:

“Look what I’ve got today. The first chapter of my book ‘bladder’. I don’t know how to say it. My agent did tell me. ‘Blad’… I think.

“It’s ‘blad.’ The first chapter of my book. It’s getting close people. October 13. I’m so excited.”

Just a short while later, he returned to his stories to reveal that he had been “told off” by his agent, saying:

“Just been told off. It’s a ‘blad’ everyone. You know, the first chapter of a book. A blad, it’s going to come out soon,”

Kaleb’s book is set to give a new look-in to his life as he gives his opinions on farm work as well as various other things such as capital cities and celebrities. It is also likely to give more insight into the upcoming second season of Clarkson’s Farm which is due to come out in early 2023. We are already prepared to see the ins and outs of the dramas surrounding the farm shop and restaurant as well as seeing if Clarkson will be able to navigate his way through farm life with a bit more ease this time around.

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