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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Hits Back At Jeremy Clarkson – “I Should Be Paid For Looking After You”

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has hit back at the Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, after he branded him his “young apprentice”.

Clarkson and Cooper appeared on the Performance People Podcast to talk about life on the Diddly Squat Farm, their Hawkstone lager and cider, as well as their other business ventures.

During the interview, the former Top Gear host said, jokingly:

“He is my young apprentice, but then he knows more about it than I do, which is weird.”

The young farmer very quickly hit back saying:

“I’m not your young apprentice!”

The way the pair bounce of each other is something that fans loved from the first season of Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm. Cooper rose to fame on the show when fans saw his hilarious way of putting Clarkson in his place and not having a care in the World of how famous Clarkson is.

Cooper has worked on the farm for a number of years so despite Clarkson owning it, he has a lot more experience on the Diddly Squat Farm.

Clarkson responded to Cooper:

“Well, you’re young and I pay your wages!”

To which Kaleb responded:

“You pay some of my wages. I should be paid for looking after you!”

Clarkson hilariously replied saying that is what he is paid for:

“You ARE paid for looking after me actually.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the second series of the hit farming show which is due to be released on Prime Video on 10th February. Kaleb is set to return for the second series along with Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan, land agent “Cheerful Charlie” Ireland, and ‘head of security’ Gerald Cooper.

As well as the second series, Prime Video announced before Christmas that there will be a third season which filming has already started for.

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