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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Melts Hearts With Dream For His Children

Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is on its way to a February release. But ahead of its reveal, Kaleb Cooper has melted hearts with a very sweet dream for his children.

The farming contractor who presents Clarkson’s Farm alongside Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed that he was expecting a second child with his partner Taya, as he posted to Instagram: “So excited to announce that baby cooper number 2 is cooking nicely. My number one goal is to buy myself a farm and be able to bring my kids up enjoying what I think is the best lifestyle which is the farming lifestyle.”

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Now, talking about his the release of Clarkson’s Farm and his newfound fame, he talked about his children while being asked about how his success on TV has affected his life:

“Everyone thinks I’m a millionaire or a billionaire or whatever because I’ve been on television once. Well, unfortunately, that’s not how it quite works.

“Every bit of money that I do get, I save. I want to buy my own farm. I don’t go out there clubbing every weekend. I don’t go out drinking at the pub until I’ve got no money left. I literally save as much money as I can to buy a farm.

“And around me, that’s very hard, because it’s so expensive here. But I’ll be a very happy man if I can buy a farm. It’s a dream of mine. I’m determined to make that dream work.”

He continues to discuss his family in relation to the money he’s earning, revealing his heart-warming dreams for his family:

“The dream is to buy my own farm and bring my kids up on my own family farm – that’s a dream and a half, that.

“To walk out in the morning and just have a nice, peaceful walk around your own farm, or go and do the animals together with your little boy or little girl.

“I don’t think I can rest until that dream is fulfilled. I work an extreme number of hours. I do 18 hours a day, most of the time. And I’m not going to stop until that dream is complete.”

Kaleb deserves all of this and more, and we’re very excited to see him alongside Jeremy in the upcoming series.

Clarkson’s Farm Series 2 launches Friday 10th February 2023 on Prime Video.

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