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Clarkson’s Farm Season Two: Everything You Need To Know From Plot To Background

The first season of Clarkson’s Farm came a bit out of left field for fans (excuse the pun) who are used to seeing the former Top Gear host reviewing the latest cars and galivanting off on road trips around the world. However, the farming show was extremely well received and the second season was announced in July 2021, with filming beginning shortly after that.

Today, the second season of Clarkson’s Farm was launched. This is what you need to know.

Jeremy Clarkson Launching The Farm

Ahead of the launch of the first season, Clarkson explained to the BBC why he decided to start work on the farm and proved just how little he knew.

“I’ve had the farm since 2008, but I haven’t really been involved with it at all,” Jeremy said before the show launched. A man in the village ran it, and then he retired, and I don’t know what it was, but I just thought, I can do that.

“I genuinely thought you put seeds in the ground, weather happens and then food grows. So I thought, That’s not difficult,‘ but it’s phenomenally difficult and the heartache is extraordinary, plus it’s phenomenally badly paid. So I thought, if I get someone to film me doing it, that will offset some of the losses.”

We saw in the first season The Grand Tour host, trying to learn the ropes and making a lot of mistakes along the way. We were introduced to some amazing characters alongside him, such as Kaleb Cooper, who was very quick to always put Clarkson in his place

When Was Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 Released?

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 is available to stream on Prime Video as of today.

The second season of Clarkson’s Farm was announced in July 2021 by Prime Video as well as Clarkson and Cooper who both released information to their social media pages. Filming started shortly after that for a year, finishing in July 2022.

Amazon Studios’ head of UK Originals, Dan Grabiner, said at the time of the announcement:

Clarkson’s Farm is Jeremy’s unfiltered love letter to farming. It is that authenticity, charm and humour, combined with the farm’s fantastic characters, which have made the series such a remarkable hit with audiences.”

Who will be joining Clarkson in season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm?

It has been confirmed that Clarkson will be joined by the same big characters as season one, and fans are extremely happy about it!

Clarkson’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan, land agent ‘Cheerful Charlie’, Gerald Cooper the construction and maintenance worked, or as Clarkson calls him, his head of security and of course, contractor Kaleb Cooper, will be joining Clarkson once again for the second season.

Kaleb won over the nation in the first season with his ability to not care who Jeremy is and putting him in his place all the time, I’m not sure we all realised how much we needed to see that! Kaleb was such a hit that he has got himself a book deal. The World According To Kaleb will be coming out soon.

Cooper appeared on This Morning and discussed his relationship with Clarkson, saying:

“I’m the boss really. Don’t get me wrong – he is my boss, he’s a boss and a friend. He doesn’t listen to me but the good thing is he has an interest in farming which makes it a lot easier. That’s why I shout at him and I get genuinely angry when he makes a mistake.”

Clarkson’s Farm season 2 trailer?

Ultimate Episode Guide

Full Synopsis

Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s best-known but least-qualified amateur farmer is back! Another year in the life of Diddly Squat farm begins, and all the regular characters are still here, helping Jeremy as much as they can: Kaleb’s on hand to show him How to Actually Run a Farm, Lisa’s running the shop, Charlie’s always ready to deliver more brutal home truths, and Gerald’s still Head of Security, with his own unique way of expressing himself.

With farmers across the country facing the impact of Brexit and the impending loss of subsidies, all are forced to diversify and Jeremy’s got big plans: he wants a herd of cows, he wants a load more chickens, and he wants his own restaurant where he can serve up a menu entirely made up of Diddly Squat produce, with the ambition of increasing his annual profit from last year (£144). All farms are busy, but this one is about to get a whole lot busier…


Short Synopsis:

Jeremy Clarkson sets out to diversify, as a way of increasing his annual profit (£144 last year)

Long Synopsis:

The harvest season is about to hit Jeremy again – weather permitting. But that’s not the biggest challenge he’ll face this farming year; the fallout from Brexit means UK farmers face uncertain futures, with subsidies disappearing and little or no guidance from the government about where to concentrate their efforts. The only thing that is certain is that farmers now need to diversify, so Jeremy’s got plans to do just that. With the aid of Cheerful Charlie, Jeremy’s soon shopping for a herd of cows, a new flock of chickens and an on-site restaurant where he can sell Diddly Squat produce.


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

Jeremy’s new herd of cows settle in, but soon reject the fence that keeps them in…

Long Synopsis:

Jeremy’s new herd of cows are settling in, and although they’re less crazy than last year’s sheep, they possess a similar disrespect for fencing, and are soon going places they shouldn’t go, including a neighbours farm. The range of produce for the restaurant-to-be is still growing, as Jeremy and Lisa choose varieties of chillies they can grow and turn into chilli sauce. It seems the ones they’ve chosen are too volcanically hot though, when they incapacitate a chef and make members of the public weep. In the interests of producing beef – to go with the chilli sauce – Jeremy pays for his two heifers (Dini & Pepper) to be artificially inseminated.


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

Faced with Council powers that be, Jeremy uses two of his greatest skills: diplomacy and respect for red tape.

Long Synopsis:

Jeremy comes face to face with Planning Officers from West Oxfordshire District Council, to discuss his idea of turning his Lambing Barn – now empty because his sheep are being looked after by another local farmer – into a restaurant. Red tape and Jeremy don’t mix (and it appears there’s going to be reams of it here) but he also has to bring the Chadlington locals on side. Famous for his diplomacy, Jeremy initiates Operation Hearts & Minds, doing good deeds for the village and sponsoring the local football team. Farming jobs still have to happen though, and soon Jeremy and his precious Lambo are drilling crops in a foggy field with a telegraph pole slap bang in the middle of it. There can be only one winner.


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

Jeremy Clarkson comes face to face with his nemesis: the badger.

Long Synopsis:

The list of farming perils for Jeremy continues to grow, when Dilwyn the vet lays out the uncomfortable truth about Bovine Tuberculosis that could kill one or all of his new cows. It’s often spread by badgers, and Tom the ecologist shows Jeremy evidence that clearly shows Diddly Squat to have some unwelcome visitors. These are worrying times, and that’s before there’s a nasty moment with a potato slicer when Jeremy tries making crisps, but there’s some very welcome balm in the shape of a new lager that’s being made with Diddly Squat barley by local brewer Rick. It’s now ready for tasting. So Jeremy does. A lot.


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

The day of the Council’s decision on Jeremy’s restaurant arrives…

Long Synopsis:

The results of the TB test are in…but just as important is the fact that numerous calves are scheduled to be born in the next couple of weeks. The first few happen very quickly in the dead of night before Jeremy’s woken up, but soon he and Kaleb are dealing with some very challenging situations. Jeremy also meets local farmers to discuss a farmers’ co-operative to supply the restaurant – much-needed by some who are really struggling – because the clock is counting down to Decision Day, when the Council will hold a public meeting to decide the fate of Jeremy’s restaurant. The day arrives. He and Charlie set off to put their case to the powers that be. Is it a Yes? Or is it a No?


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

The fall-out from the Council’s decision continues to fall out…

Long Synopsis:

Everyone’s still reeling from the council’s decision and its implications: the money Jeremy’s spent on cows for the restaurant, the locals who won’t find work there now and the farmers’ co-operative that’s now defunct. Charlie sets out to find a legal team to help Jeremy appeal the decision, as Jeremy and Kaleb get to work on tagging the new calves and attempting to navigate a government helpline where you’re supposed to register them. There are other useful distractions from the council in the shape of Diddly Squat’s Hedge Laying Competition and a mouse that brings the whole farm to a standstill. The legal team that Charlie has assembled pay a visit. They outline their strategy for the appeal, but also the costs that come with it…


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

Jeremy’s restaurant idea is re-born, and there’s not a moment to waste…

Long Synopsis:

Spring has sprung at Diddly Squat Farm, and that heralds the release of cows and chickens from their Winter captivity. Jeremy’s restaurant plans are in tatters, but that’s not the end of his dealings with the council, who are also sending letters raising issues about what’s being sold in the shop itself. From here on in, Jeremy decides that he and all around him must operate in a world of loop-holes and just-within-the-law cunning wheezes. Pepper the prized heifer still isn’t pregnant and her last chance saloon arrives in the shape of a bull called Break Heart Maestro. A chat with Alan the builder provides a Eureka Moment: the restaurant idea is not dead after all! There’s much excitement as building work begins and Jeremy
meets a chef called Pip. There’s less excitement when he has to take his first steer to the abattoir.


Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Short Synopsis:

Secret preparations accelerate for the opening of Jeremy’s restaurant…

Long Synopsis:

Jeremy’s restaurant opens in a matter of days, but it’s all on the QT. Jeremy does not want the council to find out until just before it opens. Which is why Jeremy and Kaleb are laying pipes for water and electrics across a field in the dead of night. Pepper the heifer is still very much alive and is enjoying the company of Break Heart Maestro a lot. Two days until Restaurant Opening Day, Jeremy informs the council and it’s game on: Alan and his team of builders work at full throttle, Pip and her team of chefs do too, and the blend of excitement and panic is affecting everyone. The day itself arrives. Will the Diddly Squat Farm Restaurant sink or swim? Or will the council shut it down before the first steak hits the grill?

Prime Video said the following:

“Viewers can expect more agricultural antics and typical Clarkson-crafted schemes, as the team invent new and creative ways to use the other half of the farm.

“As well as the returning cast, a few new characters will be welcomed to Diddly Squat, too, all helping Jeremy to continue pursuing his farming dream.”

Clarkson also teased on Instagram a very intriguing scene referring to ‘Kaleb’s Chopper’. We can’t even begin to guess what they will be doing with a helicopter on the farm, but we are very excited to see.

Will there be a Clarkson’s Farm Season 3?

Prime Video has revealed that there will be a third series of Clarkson’s Farm.

In a video released to Prime Video’s Instagram account, we see Jeremy Clarkson, his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, and co-presenter Kaleb Cooper. Cooper and Hogan are standing in a field whilst Clarkson is mowing it into the shape of a three, representing the third season.

What Jeremy Clarkson said about the show:

“I’m genuinely thrilled that we are doing a third season of Clarkson’s Farm. I’ve had some great new ideas, all of which have made Charlie, Lisa and Kaleb deeply unhappy,” the presenter said.

What Kaleb Cooper said:

“I’m over the moon to be taking part again. Well, they do say third time’s a charm! Maybe this will be the series that Jeremy finally starts taking advice from a real farmer!”

What Lisa Hogan said:

“There is a whole lot to catch up on here at Diddly Squat – series two is on its way so not long to wait for you to see how much the hard work and love of farming continues. It’s just grand to be already filming series three,” said Lisa Hogan.

What Dan Grabiner, head of UK Originals, Amazon Studios, said:

“Thank you Kaleb, Lisa, Gerald, and Charlie for making sure Jeremy doesn’t completely muck it up.

“Watching Clarkson’s Farm grow from an intimate glimpse into British farming to a global sensation has been a delight. We’re thrilled to be continuing the story year after year as the plot thickens for our favourite farmers.”

Whatever will be included in the show, we are very excited to see the second season of the show and are sure it will be just as well received as the first season was.

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