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Clarkson’s Farm Season Two Release Date Hinted At By Source Close To Production

A release date for Clarkson’s Farm series two has been teased. The second series of the hit farming show, featuring Jeremy Clarkson and co-star Kaleb Cooper, has been eagerly anticipated by fans and although we know filming has finished and that it is in the editing process, it has not been clear as to when it will be released.

Prime Video tend to wait until the last minute before releasing any dates, and fans got excited recently when Kaleb Cooper took to his Instagram account to say:

“There’s some very exciting news coming very soon. Keep an eye out on Prime Video Instagram account. Watch this space.”

The first thing that came to everyone’s heads was that they were going to announce the release date of season two, but no, instead Prime Video revealed the exciting news that Clarkson’s Farm will be getting a third series.

Now, a source has confirmed to Small Screen that the second series will be released between January and March 2023. When pressed for an exact date, the source said:

“At the moment, we cannot share a precise release date with you. All we can give you is a January to March 2023 release window.”

We will have to stay patient for an exact date, however, at least it has been confirmed that the timescale guesses were correct.

The first season of Clarkson’s Farm was an instant hit with fans loving to watch Clarkson fumble his way around his new farming life on Diddly Squat Farm. The hilarious character of Kaleb Cooper just added to this with his amazing way of having a go at Clarkson and not having a care in the world of who he is or how famous he is.

In the second series, we are set to see the behind the scenes goings on with Clarkson opening the restaurant on the farm, his brewery business for the Hawstone lager, and fans are hoping to see them turn over more of a profit this time.

Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios’ head of UK Originals, spoke at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August about what fans could expect from the second series. He said:

“We’re just going into the edit now and it’s looking very good. More Kaleb Cooper, more Gerald. You can understand a little bit more of Gerald this time. I think maybe every season, you’ll understand a few more words of Gerald. It’s going very, very well. And also it’s just great to see someone like Kaleb, he had never been on television before.

“He’s an authentic – he was the tractor driver who happened to work nearby the farm. And I think it just shows you that new talent, particularly that sort of expert, authentic talent can just explode with the right vehicle and the right approach to the show. So I think observing his rise has been really an exciting part of that show.”

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