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Clarkson’s Farm Star Hit By Tragedy – Fans Rally To Save Her Farm

Emma Ledbury, who starred on Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm, expressed her shock at the overwhelming support of fans, who have raised more than £34,000 to help her farm hit by Tuberculosis (TB).

During an emotional segment on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, Ledbury shared how viewers were moved when she revealed to Jeremy Clarkson that 60 of her cows, half of her milking herd, had been wiped out by TB.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

The GoFundMe campaign, launched by a fan named Rebecca Poole, raised the impressive amount in under two weeks, leaving Ledbury lost for words. The generosity of supporters of the show has left Ledbury feeling overwhelmed. She said:

“It was a real shock. We found out this lovely lady called Beccie, that we’d never met before, a total stranger, had set up a GoFundMe page through seeing my story on Clarkson’s Farm.”

“It’s really lovely, a total shock. I was literally on telly for 30 seconds, so never expected any sort of support in this way, it’s just really lovely of everybody that’s donated.”

Ledbury shared that the funds raised will mainly be allocated to the Royal Agriculture Benevolent Institution (RABI), a charitable organisation that provides assistance to farming communities throughout England and Wales.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

The organisation supports farmers and their families during difficult times by providing financial aid, practical support, and a helpline for those in need. Ledbury continued:

“It’s become quite overwhelming the amount of support we’ve had from the general public and their donations.

“So it’s really lovely that there’s such a big pot there now that we can give some money to RABI to ensure that they can get some more help out to other farmers through counselling or TB advice.

“It’s really important that we can share the money because we could spend it quite easily here, but there’s a bigger picture and it’s really important to get that message across that something needs to be done in order to support these farmers.”

Ledbury continued to speak about the impact of TB on farmers, adding:

“It’s just devastating to lose your cows when you’ve spent so long, rearing them and getting them to be as healthy as possible, through no control of your own.

“It’s really hard when you spent so long trying to develop your farm so you’ve got really lovely animals to lose them. It’s really depressing. Mentally you just don’t get over it, you can’t get over losing so many cows.

“TB is a huge issue within the country. We are one of thousands and thousands of farms that are dealing with TB, who are losing tens of thousands of cows every year.”

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