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Fans Brand Jeremy Clarkson “Morbidly Hilarious” After Giving Update On Clarkson’s Farm Member

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop have given an update on ‘Attack Cow’ which viewers saw featured on season two of Clarkson’s Farm, and fans have not been sure how to react.

Taking to their Instagram account, they wrote:

“The Attack Cow is now available in the farm shop.”

The start of the clip shows the moment featured on the hit farming show when the Grand Tour host was having problems with the ‘Attack Cow’. He says:

“No no no stop it!

“Stop it! What the f**k! Oi stop it!

“I’m being attacked by a cow!”

The video then transitions to the beef ready to be sold in the shop. Some fans found it hilarious with others claiming it was “dark”. They commented:

“Maybe it knew what was coming and decided to get in a few while it could.”

“Omg how morbidly hilarious”

“That turned dark fast”

The team also shared a photo along with the video, writing:

“You’ve seen the show, now eat the cast. Our 28 day dry aged beef is available now in Diddly Squat Farm Shop.”

The main concern from the fans was that it was not Pepper. Viewers saw and quickly fell in love with the white cow, Pepper, on the second series of the hit farming show. Clarkson promised the little girl of the farmers he bought the cows from that he would look after Pepper as she was her favourite.

As the series went on, they tried artificial insemination on Pepper which didn’t work and also hired a Bull to hopefully get her in calf.

We saw at the end that she was still not in calf and was past the point of becoming pregnant. This would usually leave farmers with no choice but to put a cow down. However, viewers heard the Grand Tour host shout to his partner, Lisa Hogan, “Lisa, we have a pet cow!”.

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