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Fans React To Clarkson’s Farm Season Two Trailer Ahead Of Release

Clarkson’s Farm series two is set to be released on Prime Video on Friday 10 February and the streaming service has just dropped the trailer for the hit farming show. Jeremy Clarkson will be joined by fan favourites Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper, Lisa Hogan, and “Cheerful Charlie” Ireland for the upcoming series.

The former Top Gear presenter has not been doing the usual rounds with the media to promote the show after his controversial column on Meghan Markle, however, the show is still set to be released at the end of the week.

Fans have been quick to share their thoughts on the trailer to social media after The Grand Tour posted the sneak peek.

One fan referred to many Clarkson fans cancelling their subscriptions to Prime Video after rumours of them cutting ties with the presenter. They commented:

“Cant wait. Only reason I have not cancelled my @PrimeVideo subscription”

Another user responded:

“A 2min trailer alone is better than 90% of other shows, how could you cancel this, no effing way.”

Prime Video have declined to comment on the rumours that they are dropping Jeremy Clarkson. However, there is speculation that Clarkson’s Farm will end after the third season, which filming has already started for, and there will only be four more episodes of The Grand Tour.

Another fan responded:

“Finally, something worth watching.”

Someone else wrote:

“Hope this goes for a while, even after Clarkson’s latest.”

Another Twitter user commented on the trailer:

“I am so happy to see season 2 has finally arrived. I loved the first season LETS GOOOO….. tractoring” [sic]

“Literally the only reason I have Prime Video is for any of Jezzas is worthless” [sic]

Clarkson’s Farm series two will be released to Prime Video on Friday 10 February.

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