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Jeremy Clarkson Admits Tresspasser Threatening To Sue Diddly Squat After Hurting Themselves On Farm

Jeremy Clarkson, the popular Clarkson’s Farm presenter, has taken on a new challenge in his Diddly Squat Farm. While he expected some difficulties, he didn’t anticipate the fact that trespassers would come onto his farm, and end up attempting to sue him.

Here are a number of issues Jeremy has faced over the last couple of years on Diddly Squat Farm.

Putting up Danger Signs

Clarkson quickly realised that putting up danger signs on the farm can be risky for insurance reasons. If someone gets injured, the sign can be used against the landowner as evidence that they knew about the danger. This is a difficult situation for farmers, who want to warn others of potential hazards but don’t want to expose themselves to liability.

Clarkson shares his own experience with this issue, stating:

“You can’t even put danger in the field because if a bull then attacks somebody and writes danger you are then accepting that you knew it was dangerous.”

This highlights the delicate balance between warning others and protecting oneself from legal action.

Trespassers and Hazards

Clarkson also faced a situation where a trespasser was injured on his farm. The woman had put her foot in a hole while trespassing and bruised her leg. The situation became worse when the trespasser threatened to sue Clarkson for the hazardous area.

“It was then ‘I’m suing you’,” Clarkson recalls. “And there is nothing you can do. We were in and out and they just said I should have put the thing back in. I was like… f***** hell… so yeah, it’s a constant frustration.”

This experience highlights the risks of having hazards on one’s property, as well as the challenges of managing trespassers. Farmers need to be aware of potential hazards and take steps to prevent injuries, but also need to protect themselves from legal action in what looks like a very unfair world.

Jeremy Clarkson has come up against worst issues than those written above, with him being embroiled in a battle with the local council over his farm in Oxfordshire, England. The dispute began when Clarkson’s Farm first started filming after he took over the farm, and is still ongoing as he fights to diversify his revenue.

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