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Jeremy Clarkson Breaks The Internet With Yet Another Banned Advert

Jeremy Clarkson has shared a video to his Instagram of yet another hilarious “banned” ad. The Grand Tour host shared the video promoting his beer machine that gives you Hawkstone lager on draft at home.

During the video he says:

“Over the years, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have been duped by George Clooney into believing they need one of these coffee machines in their kitchen.

“Not so! What you actually need is one of these. A machine that can deliver perfectly chilled, draft Hawkstone lager”

Clarkson takes a sip of his lager and says:

“Mmm. F**k you George Clooney!”

In the caption for the video, Clarkson revealed that the ad had been banned, for obvious reasons. He wrote:

“The ad’s been banned of course, but you can at least get the machine from”


This is not the first advertisement that the former Top Gear host has had banned, especially not for Hawkstone beer where he has tried to push the boundaries multiple times. For the majority of the adverts that have been banned, Clarkson has ended with a swear word or has said something offensive and has crossed a line.

The first video to promote the lager shows Clarkson standing next to the Hawkstone rock which is what the lager is named after. He talks viewers through the relevance of the rock and introduces the lager. He then proceeds to take a sip of the lager as the video is finishing and says: “F**k me that’s good,”

Clarkson later reveals that the advert had been banned and was not allowed to be shown as planned in one of the advert breaks for ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’.

The Hawkstone lager is made from the barley grown at Diddly Squat Farm, as featured on Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm. Viewers did not see any of this on the first season of the show but as the second series was filmed as the lager was developed, we are hoping to see this in season two.

Prime Video have not announced a release date for the second series yet, however, the show has finishing filming so is in the editing process and it is rumoured to be released early 2023.

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