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Jeremy Clarkson Calls Out Media For Lying About Clarkson’s Farm In Recent Interview

Jeremy Clarkson is used to being in the media and public eye, however, has held no prisoners over a recent story which was published about his Diddly Squat Farm, as featured on Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm.

The Grand Tour host called out the author of the article writing:

“This only happened in the imagination of the person who wrote the headline.”

Clarkson is in an ongoing battle with his local council over getting planning permission approved for a car park on-site to prevent visitors from having to park on the grass verges in the village, which is what has upset a lot of the local residents.

The article that the former Top Gear host shared seems to add fuel to fire over the debate of visitors’ cars “ruining” the local area. So, it is understandable that he would want to call it out.

Many fans agreed with the presenter, writing:

“Simple solution, let you have a car park. How is something so easy so hard for everyone else?”

“How long has a VW Beetle been a 4×4. The media don’t half talk some waffle at times lol”

Another Twitter user commented revealing they were a local resident of Diddly Squat Farm and took the opportunity to explain that not all of the locals are against Clarkson, they wrote:

“Being local, just wanted to say: We’re not all in agreement with those silly sausages and the vast majority really do appreciate the wonderful things you contribute to the local community & economy. Keep up the great work! Love the show”

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