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Jeremy Clarkson: Clarkson’s Farm Filming Wraps As Editing Now Begins

Fans have been wondering how long it will be for the second series of Clarkson’s Farm to be released to Prime Video. But presenter Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t been overly forthcoming with information, only revealing that the filming was going to take a farming year, meaning that we’ll likely see an episode in the new year.

But after recently admitting that he’s being forced to stop harvesting after fears of a fire risk, he revealed that filming of Clarkson’s Farm had come to an end last Monday.

“F*cketty f*ck,” he posted to Twitter. “Had to stop harvesting because of, and I’m not making this up, the fire risk.”

Several fans were keen to question the effect this could have on Diddly Squat Farm, with one asking the following:

“That stinks. How is the new season of my favorite show on Amazon going?”

The Grand Tour presenter responded quickly:

“Finished filming on Monday. Now the long process of editing begins.”

Another fan then questioned why they hadn’t been editing as they went, but Jeremy was keen to put this question to rest quickly.

“Yup. We have done four shows,” he confirmed, teasing fans.

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm will be released in the next year, with Clarkson already talking about this in a previous Instagram post. Posting photos of some new pods on Diddly Squat Farm, he was asked by a fan if there was any news on the second season, to which Clarkson responded:

“Filming ends in mid July. So it should be edited and ready to go early in the new year.”

Although a specific date has not been released yet, we are expecting to see the second season grace our screens in January or February 2023. Unfortunately, this fear of fire won’t be in the series for us to enjoy.

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