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Jeremy Clarkson Fan Shares Guide On Visiting Clarkson’s Farm From America

A Jeremy Clarkson fan has put together a guide on their visit to the Diddly Squat Farm and has shared it to Reddit.

The fan travelled from New York to the farm in the Cotswolds as well as a few other car-related hot spots in the UK. He started off with a round-up for those who did not want to read the full thing saying it cost them in total $6-8,000 for a two week trip, and then went on to break down the cost. He wrote:

“TLDR it cost us $6 to $8k for a two week trip including visit to the shop from NYC, price range depends on how much you like to splurge.

“Two people. This guy plus his wife. From JFK, we paid about $1500 each to fly to Heathrow. Spent about $175/night for lodging, slightly off season, in late September. Spent about $40/day for a car. Averaged around $12 per meal per person. Public transportation around London on the tube or bus is cheap, like a buck or two each trip.

“But, oddly enough, they’ll just give you a car at the rental lot, no training, no oversight, just show your license, ID/passport, pay and head out on the highway, on the wrong side of the road.”

The Reddit user goes on to explain the other places they visited whilst they were in the area such as the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. They continued:

“The drive to Chipping Norton from Heathrow is around an hour and a half. Some A roads, some B roads. It’s really a fun drive. But don’t just drive from London to the farm shop. Stop in at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. Enjoy a few hundred British cars on display. Visit the MG Car Club HQ in Abingdon. Stay the night in a rental camper at the campground right next to the shop, or spend the night in Chipping Norton. It’s a cute English village, there’s even pubs.

“Rent a classic car for the trip. An MGB is about $150/day. I regret not doing so. Break your trip up a bit and stay at a small hotel or B&B. Drive further South, see Stonehenge. See other car museums. Catch a hill climb race on the weekend.”

They also explained that although it cost them $7,500 for a fortnight, it could easily be done on a few grand which would definitely be the case.

“Food is surprisingly affordable, even in the touristy areas. While you can spend two weeks digging deep into London, you can take a break and road trip affordably and see the real England.

“In total we spent about $7500 for two weeks, but you could easily go for a week as low as a few grand, and spend a lovely day to drive to the car museum then farm shop, buy some decent cider, lager, meats and cheeses, and cow juice for the remainder of your trip.

Series two of Clarkson’s Farm is set to be released on Prime Video on 10th February 2023.

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