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Jeremy Clarkson Fans Launch Attack On Council After “Disgraceful Behaviour” At Clarkson’s Farm

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm was released yesterday and fans have flocked to the show (excuse the pun). But after catching up on how the council has, for want of a better word, sabotaged Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm, viewers have launched an attack on the local council.

It’s been no secret that the West Oxfordshire District Council has put a stop to almost every one of the Grand Tour host-turned-farmer’s plans over the last couple of years. This includes his restaurant, his farm shop, and any other development he attempted to do to the land he owns.

With profits being so low across the board for farmers, the only way these hard-working people can make a living is to diversify their revenue. This means building new ways of making money such as new crops, different animals, or starting a farm shop or restaurant. Season 2 of the show saw Clarkson doing just this, and almost everything he attempted was thwarted by the council in what has been described as a witch hunt.

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Hundreds of fans took to Twitter to voice their anger:

“Watching Clarkson’s Farm 2 and I cannot believe the disgraceful behaviour of the council. What happens to the AONB when all the farmers have to sell up? You need to go away and have a word with yourselves,” one viewer posted to Twitter.

Another added:

“I taught Sri Lankan politicians were stupid. But after I watched Clarkson’s Farm, the British Council men are the same bunch of orangutans as they’re in SL.”

A third also posted, launching an attack on the council:

“I think there genuinely needs to be an investigation into the practices of the West Oxfordshire District Council Planning cartel. Shameful, disgusting and just downright wrong behaviour.”

Here are some of the best tweets we’ve found that are standing up against the council:

The way the West Oxfordshire County Council has behaved over this time is ridiculous, and I can’t believe how they’ve managed to show their extreme prejudice against the ex-Top Gear presenter so obviously. Hopefully, this second season and the fan onslaught the council will likely receive will make a difference here.

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