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Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Banned From Selling His Own Clarkson’s Farm Book

eremy Clarkson has announced that he’s been banned from selling his own book by his local council, who are arguing that it isn’t produced locally enough.

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter has been selling it through his own Diddly Squat Farm Shop, but with a contract in place forcing the shop to only sell locally-sourced products, the council has banned its sale through the premises.

The Grand Tour presenter obviously isn’t happy with this, arguing that its production can’t get more local:

“I cannot understand why (the council) doesn’t want me to sell my farming books in the shop.

“They claim they weren’t made locally but I wrote them at my kitchen table, and you literally can’t get more local than that.

“It would be helpful if we could sell a few tee shirts too.”

You can buy the book via Amazon Prime. We are Amazon affiliates so may earn something if you buy through this link.

The council has since responded, with Councillor Dean Temple offering a sympathetic response saying that he “may have a valid point”:

“He wanted to open a farm shop to sell milk and honey and we said go ahead.

“But if you are going to open a farm shop that is for farm produce and a book isn’t farm produce, wherever it’s written. If he’d phoned up and said ‘I want to sell my book alongside produce’ we could have discussed that but he didn’t.”

Despite this, a spokesperson from West Oxfordshire District Council has admitted that they don’t know anything of the sale of the book being banned. However, they weren’t optimistic about the scenario:

“A farm shop is for the sale of local produce. If he’s selling books that’s a different thing in planning terms.”

The book is still being sold through the likes of Amazon Prime, so if you want to read it, you can do. Just don’t expect to find it directly being sold by Jeremy in his own shop.

This comes only days after it was announced that the ex-Top Gear presenter has backed out of his fight with the council over his restaurant and has confirmed it will be closing permanently:

“I no longer wish to open a restaurant,” he wrote in a column after he was “thwarted by the enforcement notice”.

After Jeremy’s controversial column about Meghan Markle, it looks as though things have been slowly slipping for the presenter. Hopefully, with The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 on the way, he can quickly fall back into favour with fans.

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