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Jeremy Clarkson Infuriates Fans As He Shares New Arrivals At Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has posted details of the new arrivals at the Diddly Squat Farm alongside partner Lisa Hogan, however, managed to upset fans whilst sharing the process.

The Grand Tour host posted to social media as their pig went into labour and then again when the first piglet was born. He posted:

“Piglets coming. Minus 5”

Followed by: “We have a piglet !!!!!”

Shortly after, the former Top Gear presenter upset fans on Twitter when he took to the social media platform to ask for advice. He wrote:

“Pig farmers. Help. It’s been nearly two hours since our first piglet was born. The sow is in some distress. What do we do?”

Outraged fans called Clarkson out for taking to social media instead of calling a vet. Some fans responded:

“Call a veterinarian ASAP.”

“If in doubt about an animal’s health and well-being – CALL THE VET. If you don’t want the cost, or inconvenience, get out of farming – or go arable.”

However, some other fans rushed to Clarkson’s defence pointing out that he posted the message after midnight so he might not have been able to get hold of a vet. One wrote:

“He posted this at midnight likely for a reason. Fun fact: people tend to sleep at night and being in a rural village there is usually not many to be found”

Another fan offered some support writing:

“Unfortunately, not much you can do. Could be a multitude of things, impossible to know without hands on/detailed description. Unless you can get a vet at 2:30 am on a Saturday. Try to keep her calm and comfortable until a vet is available and prey they make it till morning.”

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