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Jeremy Clarkson Left Alone After Clarkson’s Farm Disaster Infuriates Partner

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed in his latest column how he was left by himself to run his Diddly Squat Farm after upsetting his partner, Lisa Hogan, in farming incident.

Clarkson and Hogan were left to their own devices on the farm recently after the majority of the team, including Kaleb Cooper, were off suffering from a virus. Clarkson explained that Hogan took the work on “brilliantly” and was a “complete natural”. However, Jeremy managed to annoy Lisa very quickly when she was nailing stock fencing to a fence post ahead of the arrival of some new pigs.

The Grand Tour host explained what happened in the column for The Times. He wrote:

“I drove forwards a little too far and ended up pulling the post, with the stock fencing attached, clean out of the ground. Lisa was very cross with me.”

After hours of “uncomfortable silence” Clarkson asked if she wanted to continue working on the farm over breakfast the next day. He continued in his column:

“Over a hearty breakfast I’d made, I suggested to her that she might like to work on the farm more often.

“She responded by going upstairs for a minute and then coming down in a Chanel trouser suit. ‘No,’ she said.

“So now it’s just me. On my own. And, honestly, I’m sitting here praying that whatever is taking everyone else down comes for me too.”

This comes after the release date for the second series of Clarkson’s Farm has been announced and fans are already counting down the days. We also know that the show will return for a third series which filming has already started for, so hopefully we will get to see this hilarious moment in the third series.

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm will be released on Prime Video on 10th February 2023.

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