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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 In Spectacular Fashion: “What Is He Doing!?”

Prime Video has revealed that there will be a third series of Clarkson’s Farm.

In a video released to Prime Video’s Instagram account, we see Jeremy Clarkson, his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, and co-presenter Kaleb Cooper. Cooper and Hogan are standing in a field whilst Clarkson is mowing it.

They both seem confused with what Clarkson is doing. Cooper exclaims:

“What is he doing!?”

Hogan seems to be just as concerned as Cooper with the fact Clarkson is driving his Lamborghini tractor all over the place. She said:

“That is very disappointing.”

Cooper moans that Clarkson seems to always struggle to drive the tractor in a straight line to which Hogan responded:

“It’s more of a reflection on you Kaleb, have you taught him nothing?:

Clarkson then finishes what he is doing and drives towards them. When Cooper asks him what he has been doing, The Grand Tour host explains that he’s “been making an important announcement.”

Cooper quizzes Clarkson on what the announcement is, to which Clarkson reveals “They want a third series!”

The camera pans out to show that Clarkson has mown a big three in the field.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the second series, and it seems we are going to have to wait a bit longer to find out when it will be on our screens. However, in the meantime, Prime Video are keeping fans going with the announcement of the third series.

The second series is set to be a dramatic one with Clarkson continuing to navigate his way through his farming career, more upset local residents, and with the various events going on in the background surrounding the opening of the restaurant. Although the release date has not been confirmed, it is thought to be coming to Prime Video in early 2023.

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