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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His Tractor Was Blown Up By Ex-Prime Minister In Clarkson’s Farm Mishap

The Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, has recently reflected on a time when former Prime Minister, David Cameron, “blew” up his tractor.

Writing for his column in The Times, Clarkson wrote:

“My tractor has exploded. A mate who lives in the next village rang saying he needed it to mow his paddock.

“I won’t give you his name, save to say it begins with a D. And ends with an ‘avid Cameron’. But that’s not important. What is important is that he borrowed it and it blew up.”

The Clarkson’s Farm host continued:

“My neighbour arrived to borrow it one sunny Saturday morning and set off down my drive, looking like a politician who’s pretending not to understand the countryside. Polo shirt. Ear defenders. Peaky Blinders hat. And black wellingtons.

“And 200 yards further on there was a bang and a Ukraine-sized mushroom cloud.

“Oil splattered into all the blackberry bushes and bits of iron were to be heard landing several minutes later.

“I was dumbstruck because initially I figured he’d been hit by a heat-seeking missile.”

Clarkson wrote that Cameron “claims of course that he didn’t do anything wrong” and that the problems came out of nowhere, saying it “decided, for no reason, to have a smoky aneurysm.”

It has just been announced that Clarkson’s Farm will have a third series. Fans are still waiting for the release of the second series, although according to sources close to production, we should expect to see this between January and March 2023. Clarkson will be joined by his second-in-command Kaleb Cooper, his partner Lisa Hogan, land agent Charlie Ireland, and Gerald Cooper.

Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studio’s Head of UK Originals, explained who fans could expect to see on the second series of the hit faming show. He said:

“We’re just going into the edit now and it’s looking very good. More Kaleb Cooper, more Gerald. You can understand a little bit more of Gerald this time. I think maybe every season, you’ll understand a few more words of Gerald. It’s going very, very well. And also it’s just great to see someone like Kaleb, he had never been on television before.”

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