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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals New Book From Diddly Squat Farm Life

Jeremy Clarkson has recently posted to his Instagram account, revealing the second of a series of books on his life on Diddly Squat FarmDiddly Squat – Til’ The Cows Come Home is now available to pre-order for its release on September 29th.

Available from the Diddly Squat Farm Shop online, the description reads:

“Another year of life as a gentleman farmer at Diddly Squat.

“What could possibly go wrong this time?

“Preorder only, available this September 29th. Please note that any items ordered with the book will be shipped on September 29th with the book.”

It’s also available on Amazon Prime, which says the following:

Welcome back to Clarkson’s Farm.

At the end of Jeremy’s first year in the tractor’s driving seat, Diddly Squat farm rewarded him with a profit of just £144. So, while he’s the first to admit that he’s still only a ‘trainee farmer’*, there is clearly still work to be done.

Because while he’s mastered the art of moaning about nearly everything, some of the other attributes required of a successful farmer prove more of a challenge. Who knew, for instance, that loading a grain trailer was more demanding than flying an Apache gunship? That cows were more dangerous than motor-racing? Or that it would have been easier to get planning permission build a nuclear power station than to turn an old barn into a farm restaurant?

But if the council planning department and the local red trouser brigade seem determine to frustrate his schemes at every turn, at least he’s got Lisa, Kaleb, Cheerful Charlie and Gerald, his dry-stone-walling Head of Security to see him through. And cold beer brewed with spring barley harvested from Diddly Squat’s own fields …

Life on Clarkson’s Farm may not always go according to plan. There may not always be one. But there’s not a day goes by when Jeremy can’t say ‘I’ve done a thing’ and mean it …

* generous, in Kaleb’s view

Prices start at £9.99 for a Kindle Edition, with a hardcover selling for £10.00 on Amazon. The same version is also for sale for £20.00 from Diddly Squat Farm Shop itself.

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