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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Why He Left London For The Country Life

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm will soon be on Prime Video after its original series swamped the internet with positive reviews. From the show, it’s fairly obvious that its host Jeremy Clarkson has fallen for the country life.

And while his co-presenter Kaleb Cooper doesn’t dare to leave the comfort of Chipping Norton and Chadlington within the Cotswolds, it’s a surprise that The Grand Tour presenter is starting to feel a similar way.

Talking on the Performance People Podcast, Jeremy explains where his love of country life began:

“We were coming back [from Zanzibar] and there’d been all that rumblings about Covid, you know is it coming and what have you.

“And at Heathrow, we got in the car and it was, ‘do we go right to London’ and the weather forecast was good so I said actually ‘no we’ve got all our hot weather clothes’ because we’ve been in San Diego, ‘we’ll go to Chippy Norton. And I’ve only spent what? Three nights in London since then probably. I don’t go at all now.”

He continued, admitting that he still appreciates London for what it offers:

“I love London. I think it’s a great place and it’s just quite nice to go there and have oysters and things that you can’t go here.”

Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios’ head of UK Originals, said the following about the upcoming series of Clarkson’s Farm:

Clarkson’s Farm is Jeremy’s unfiltered love letter to farming. It is that authenticity, charm and humour, combined with the farm’s fantastic characters, which have made the series such a remarkable hit with audiences.”

While the release date of the show hasn’t been revealed yet, Grand Tour Nation’s sources close to the production have confirmed it will be coming out around Christmas time.

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