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Jeremy Clarkson Slams BBC Ahead Of Clarkson’s Farm Season Two Release

With the second season of Clarkson’s Farm on the way, Jeremy Clarkson has made it clear that he wants to show a true reflection of the farming industry.

The first season of the show was a hit with fans for the entertainment of watching the former Top Gear host trying to navigate his way around his new venture, however it also received a lot of praise from the farming community for finally showing what the industry is like.

The Grand Tour host discussed his aims for the show and the comparison to other farming shows. He explained:

“I mean, the BBC is running a lot of farming programmes, there’s obviously an appetite for them,” he added.

“I just felt that – if I may be serious – farming gets a bad wrap.

“There’s two ways farming is covered (on TV). Ordinarily, one is American industrial farming and we’re told, you know, the news reports of these awful huts for cows that stretch for hundreds of hundreds of acres in every direction.

“And then the other is Kate Humble [Springwatch host] with a newly born lamb in fresh straw.

“And the reality is that most British farming is sort of in-between – it’s actually pretty good.

“It does its best to look after the environment, looks after the animals and has very high standards – very, very high standards in this country. And I really wanted to reflect that.”

Clarkson continued:

“So it’s [Clarkson’s Farm’s] a love letter to farming and a love letter to the British countryside.

“I think there are very few farming programs where the main thrust is arable.”

He goes on to take a swipe at the other farming shows showing the industry through rose tinted glasses, saying:

“Everybody wants to see a baby lamb being born or not quite dying or sweet little cows rumbling around,

“But ours is mostly about wheat, barley and rye which is the staple for most cereal farmers in the UK. So yeah, I hope people find it interesting.”

The first season of the show did not shy away from the ups and downs of farming and it also delved into the finance side of the industry, which is something we never really see. It was eye opening to see all of the struggles that farmers face.

Season two of the hit show is due to come out in early 2023 with more planning permission woes, Clarkson trying to make the most out of his land and of course hilarity from his co-star Kaleb Cooper. 

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