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Jeremy Clarkson Warns Kaleb Cooper Of “Selling Out” Amid Clarkson’s Farm Success

During an interview, Jeremy Clarkson has advised Kaleb Cooper, his co-star on the Amazon Prime show “Clarkson’s Farm,” to steer clear of sponsorship deals. Kaleb had previously received criticism for promoting McDonald’s, which some saw as “selling out.”

Clarkson cautioned the young farmer against accepting lucrative sponsorships, stating that in the long run, such deals could cost him much more than what he earns from them.

“For every £100 you earn commercially, you’ll lose, in the long-term, £100,000,” he said, adding that Kaleb should “be careful”.

“[If] you pay for your car, you pay for your watch, you pay for your shoes, you pay for everything, [then] no one can ever accuse you of taking the corporate shilling.”

While acknowledging that farming can be financially challenging, Clarkson stressed the importance of maintaining a credible image and revealed that his refusal to accept sponsorships is what has kept him relevant.

Kaleb had taken on sponsorship with McDonald’s after his appearance on Season 1 of Clarkson’s Farm, which drew criticism from some quarters due to the fast-food chain’s environmental record. In the ad, he investigated the company’s eco-friendly project that converted used cooking oil into biodiesel to power delivery trucks.

However, the promotion received backlash on social media, with some accusing Kaleb of “selling his soul to the devil.” Others defended him, stating that he had a family to support and that there was nothing wrong with earning money through advertising.

Clarkson’s advice to Kaleb is timely, as more and more influencers and public figures face scrutiny for their endorsements and sponsorships, particularly when they conflict with their personal brand or values. As such, maintaining authenticity and credibility is becoming increasingly vital in the public eye.

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