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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Compared To BBC As Farmer Sings Praises

Jeremy Clarkson has received a lot of praise from the farming industry for Clarkson’s Farm. The first season of the show revealed the difficulties farmers face and how much hard work actually goes into running a successful farm, and we are sure the upcoming second season will be the same.

James Rebanks, who is an author and farmer, submitted the following to the Cheltenham Literature Festival:

“I can report back from within the farming community: they all loved that programme. They loved it.

“Ok, he’s clowning around and he plays to that audience.

“A lot of farmers are lads that like machines and they would have watched Top Gear and all the rest of it.”

Rebanks continued, arguing that Clarkson gave a more realistic view of the industry whereas BBC’s Countryfile “only gives a superficial look into the world of farming.”

He added:

“The whole logic of Countryfile is that you can’t make a mainstream, prime-time TV programme about farming because farming is for a niche group of idiots.

“And what Clarkson has come along and gone, ‘Actually, no, everybody will watch a programme about farming, you just need to do it in a certain way’.”

Rebank also insisted that Clarkson has made “working-class rural men the heroes”, by showing the ups and downs of the industry and the financial pressures, especially around the Covid-19 pandemic. Clarkson won Farmers Weekly’s farming champion of the year award.

The next season is looking to be released early next year, according to Clarkson. He will be joined by the usual group of Kaleb Cooper, Gerald Cooper and Lisa Hogan. We’re looking forward to gaining some insight into the controversies around the farm and how Clarkson attempts to diversify his revenue, especially after a year that has been so difficult for everyone.

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