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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm: Fans React To Wholesome Diddly Squat Moment

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has shared a wholesome farming moment to social media with some of their new arrivals.

Clarkson welcomed some kids (young goats) to the Diddly Squat Farm and has shared a video of him laying down with them climbing over him. Fans have reacted to the moment with some poking fun at the former Top Gear host.

“Very much enjoying my new goats”

Fans commented:

“BREAKING NEWS: Jeremy Clarkson trampled to death by kids”

“This is why I can’t uninstall this app”

“Please tell me you’re filming for season 3”

“That’s why he’s the GOAT”

“Can we pay to come and experience this? I feel like it’ll be good for my back”

“He is more happy than with cars, we are waiting for season 3”

The goats are not the only new arrivals at Diddly Squat Farm, as one of their pigs gave birth to piglets last week. Fans are hoping to see these heart-warming moments on the third season of Clarkson’s Farm which is being filmed at the moment.

Season two of the hit farming show was released to Prime Video in February and fans are already getting impatient for the third series. No release date has been confirmed yet but Clarkson made a guess to a fan on social media that it would be about 18 months away.

The filming takes place over a year and then goes into edit, which fans love. However, they have also been calling for more frequent updates from his life on the Cotswolds farm.

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