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Jeremy Clarkson’s Neighbour Joins Fans To Criticise Council Decisions

Jeremy Clarkson’s neighbour has expressed her disappointment and confusion over the local council’s decision to deny planning permission for the former Top Gear presenter’s Diddly Squat Farm restaurant. In an interview with Tom Swarbrick, Sam, who lives near Clarkson’s farm, called the move “ridiculous.”

The local council made the decision to shut down Clarkson’s restaurant after the area became too crowded, causing long queues and disrupting the local community. However, Sam argues that the council’s decision was unfair, especially since Clarkson had requested a car park to prevent overcrowding in the first place.

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“It’s ridiculous that he’s been denied his planning permission because he asked for a car park, they said no – so everybody started parking up the road, which is a 60mph road.

“Then the police had to come out, no one could move, all the residents were kicking off.

“Now they’re saying he can’t have his restaurant. I mean if you live next to a farm and you don’t want farmers to do well, I can’t understand that logic – that’s your local community.”

Sam also pointed out that many residents in the area are unhappy with the council’s decision, especially since the pandemic has driven many people to move out of London and into rural areas like Oxford. This move has sparked concerns over development in rural areas, which has left many locals worried about what will be built, where it will be built, and how it will affect their community.

“A lot of Londoners moved out our way during the pandemic to escape the city… but there’s a lot of panic around what’s going to be built, where it’s going to be built, and how it’s going to be built,” Sam told LBC.

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