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Kaleb Cooper Melts Clarkson’s Farm Fans Hearts With Unusual Gift To Fiancée

Clarkson’s Farm star Kaleb Cooper has melted fans hearts with his recent social media post, wishing his fiancee a happy birthday.

Cooper took to Instagram to share the birthday wishes along with a photo of his fiancée, Taya, and the out-there gift he bought her. He posted:

“Happy birthday @tayaaaxx. Hope you like your highland cross.”

Fans began to share their love for the idea of gifting a highland cow to someone. Some fans commented:

“What a beauty!!! Perfect gift”

“Awesome gift , very cute highland Cross”

“My favourite cow. Will tell my husband to get one for my birthday now, cow”

Cooper rose to fame on the hit farming show, Clarkson’s Farm. The young farming contractor very quickly became a fan-favourite on the show for his ability to not have a care in the world that Jeremy Clarkson is famous for and for their hilarious chemistry.

Clarkson’s Farm series two was released to Prime Video in February and fans are already eagerly waiting for the third series to be released. However, this is likely going to be over a year away.

Cooper will be joining Clarkson for the third season of the show alongside the Grand Tour hosts partner, Lisa Hogan, ‘head of security’ Gerald Cooper, and land agent ‘Cheerful Charlie’ Ireland.

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