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Kaleb Cooper Reveals Horrific Injury: “Completely Burnt Off”

Clarkson’s Farm made celebrities out of many of the farm folk working with Jeremy Clarkson, but The Grand Tour presenter’s second in command, Kaleb Cooper, was a fan favourite who quickly garnered a huge following. Recently, the farming contractor took to Instagram to tell his followers about something that left his fingerprints “completely burnt off”.

Kaleb has been working on Jeremy’s farm, Diddly Squat, long before he took over a couple of years ago. The presenter has owned the farm since 2008 and contracted it out to a local farmer from the surrounding area. So when this farmer retired and Jeremy decided to take over, there was no chance the ex-Top Gear presenter was going to take on the responsibility without the help of Cooper.

Of course, working on a farm is very dangerous, so this isn’t the first time Kaleb has been hurt while on the job. And while he’s even admitted to being shot accidentally during the first season of Clarkson’s Farm, this isn’t the kind of issue he usually encounters.

He shared a photo to his Instagram with what looked like cream on the ends of his fingers.

“Note to self always check if a cup is microwavable first. Ouch,” he captioned alongside the image before posting another image of himself with more information on what happened.

“Just been thinking. Won’t be able to get my fingerprints done for a while. Completely been burnt off.” (sic)

Kaleb has recently revealed his first book, following his career as a farming contractor. The World According to Kaleb. Amazon Prime says the following on it:

“Introducing Clarkson’s Farm favourite Kaleb Cooper’s worldly wisdom on life’s big issues, from the difference between straw and hay to the importance of having a hair perm.

“Chipping Norton’s celebrity farmer Kaleb Cooper has strong views on lots of things: sheep (‘stupid’), Jeremy Clarkson (‘f***ing idiot’), goats (‘they’re a proper good clear-up animal, they eat everything – no wonder they taste horrible’), New York (‘if it’s like London, where there are no tractors, that’s no good’) and more.

“In The World According to Kaleb, he shares his thoughts on topics such as capital cities, famous people, hairstyles and why farming is the best job in the world. He even tells us why the chicken crossed the road. Dubbed ‘the real star of Clarkson’s Farm‘, Kaleb reveals his true, loveable, funny and down-to-earth self, with deadpan gags and unique observations that will have you crying with laughter.

“Utterly hilarious, this is Kaleb as you’ve got to know him and love him on the hugely successful television series.”

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