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This Is What Kaleb Cooper Of Clarkson’s Farm Drives: What Car Does Jeremy Clarkson’s Right-Hand Man Drive?

Clarkson’s Farm didn’t only bring us an insight into the reality of the farming industry, the expected Jeremy Clarkson wit, and planning permission woes. It also introduced us to 22-year-old farmer and contractor, Kaleb Cooper.

Cooper has received a lot of media attention since the first series of the show came out and has become a fan favourite. Viewers have loved Cooper’s way of putting the Grand Tour host in his place and humbling him by continuously making fun of him and his skills on the farm.

With Clarkson’s history with motoring journalism, there has also been a lot of speculation around Cooper’s “dream car” that he was able to buy towards the start of Summer last year. We saw him showing the car to Clarkson on the show when he first bought it, so here are the details of his Nissan 350z.

What Car Does Kaleb Cooper Drive?

Going back to 2017, Kaleb posted to his Instagram a photo of a 2004 Nissan 350z, saying that he had decided that, after a bit more saving, he was going to buy himself ‘one of these beauts’. Three years later he had finally bought one.

After having the 350z for a month, Kaleb revealed his first mods: a new bonnet and spoiler. This came after the bonnet latch failed whilst going 60mph, so it was definitely necessary… well, the bonnet anyway. He also decided to re-spray it from its silver to white with the bonnet black.

It’s a grand tourer so it is a little heavier than your usual sports car, but the 3.5l V6 engine produces 276 hp propelling the car to 60mph in 5.3 seconds.

Kaleb’s specific 350Z is a DE model, the first to be released before an eventual facelift and engine update. It’s the slowest of the 350Z family, but is primed for turbocharging, despite its very tight engine bay. I’d love to see Cooper take his 350 to the next level with maybe some forced induction. Maybe it could even get a small cameo on The Grand Tour? I doubt it, but I can dream.

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