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James May Admits He “Felt A Bit Pervy” As He Played Canoe Polo With Teenage Girls

Following the huge success of James May’s first travel show, Our Man in Japan, the presenter has released a follow-up where he tours the country of Italy to show us viewers its historic culture, beautiful architecture, and tasty food.

But talking with Express.co.uk, he admitted that there was a scene that didn’t make the final show despite it being “really embarrassing”. On top of this, he admitted he felt a “bit pervy” while playing water polo with a number of teenage girls.

He said:

“Well, there was a really embarrassing bit that hasn’t made it which was some dressing up…” James explained.

“The crew like dressing me up for some reason, they’re almost a bit kinky about it.

“The bits that are in…I think if you could have seen the whole thing, that most embarrassing thing would be canoe polo because I don’t fit in the canoe.”

He continued:

“I’ve only ever paddled a canoe twice in my life and that was many years ago.

“I didn’t really fit [in the canoe] and I was playing against a lot of 18 and 19-year-old women.

“To be honest, I felt a bit pervy… maybe because I’ve become a province of the woke age, but it just didn’t seem right.

“I looked terrible in the…not a wetsuit…those legging things. I just looked like a really bad ballerina.”

After confirming that that was indeed the most embarrassing part of his travels, he admits that his whole career on TV is the same:

“It’s all fairly embarrassing…being on television is embarrassing.”

He was then asked if he turned down ideas that his bosses gave him during filming the Our Man travel series.

“Oh, God yeah, all the time.

“I always say, ‘I’d like to do this, this and this’ and they rather begrudgingly allow me to do those things but then the crew and producers come up with some surprises.

“It just makes better tele if I don’t know what is coming up.”

“If I was left to my own devices I would do craft, art, I’d look at some famous buildings and I would explore some spas,” James went on to say.

“The crew and producers basically want me to be uncomfortable, dress, up have a terrible time and hurt myself.”

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