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James May Bags Third Season Of Travel Show “Our Man In…” – Location Revealed

The Grand Tour presenter James May is embarking on a new journey as he returns for a third season of “Our Man In…”. In this latest series, May will be heading to India to continue his lighthearted adventures and experiences, after previously exploring Japan in Season 1 and Italy in Season 2.

The hit travel show is produced by the talented team at Plum Pictures, a British production company who is no stranger to producing shows for Amazon Prime Video. Along with the former Top Gear host’s cooking show “James May: Oh Cook!”, they are also working on a forthcoming series featuring tennis legend Serena Williams.

In the midst of all this excitement, there has been recent controversy surrounding James’ co-host and friend Jeremy Clarkson, who made controversial remarks about Meghan Markle in a newspaper column which ended in him being branded “misogynistic” and “disgusting”. Despite this, James has publicly stated his stance on freedom of speech and distanced himself from these comments during a recent interview with BBC Radio 4. He said:

“I think it sounds a little bit too creepy, but I’m also very much in favor of free speech and allowing the haters to hate so we can see what they have to say.”

A new episode of “The Grand Tour” is in post-production, with two more episodes scheduled to be shot. Amazon has yet to make a statement on the renewal of “Our Man In…” or their future relationship with Jeremy Clarkson, though it is common for the streaming giant to hold off on renewals until new episodes have been streamed.

At the time of writing, Amazon has declined to comment on the matter.

Season Two of Clarkson’s Farm is due to be released on Prime Video on February 10 and we are waiting for a date to be confirmed for the next Grand Tour special.

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