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James May On Why He Doesn’t Have Children With Long-Term Partner Sarah Frater

James May has shot from strength to strength, but his recent travel show, Our Man In Italy, has blown away fans as he once again travels across a beautiful country, sprinkling his travels with him iconic humour. But when he returns home, who does he return home to?

The Grand Tour presenter has always been very private about his life at home alongside long-term partner Sarah Frater, but in a past interview James talked about why he hasn’t got any children with his partner of two decades.

Who is Sarah Frater?

Born in the UK, Sarah Frater is a writer and dance critic. She’s been with the ex-Top Gear presenter for two decades, but their relationship has been kept out of the limelight. She’s also kept herself out of the limelight, and it’s safe to say there’s not a lot of information about Frater available.

James May on why he doesn’t have children?

“I think it was just a result of life, let’s put that down to being a late developer.

“I’ve got nieces and nephews of many ages. I spend a quite lot of time working with people in their twenties.

“That’s the nature of TV, it has a big influx of people of that age who disperse and move on to other things, it’s all very fluid.”

This question came after he was asked about the pressures of being a man in the modern world, which James admits he’s grown through.

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He divulged that he “witnessed the move into the physical age and the dawn of the internet”, continuing to say that it had obviously made “such a difference”.

“In the last decade, especially in the last four or five years, everything we held adhere and thought was terrible is being questioned,” he told the Driven Podcast.

“Society, class, race, the environment, how we consume things and how we think about things… everything is up for grabs.

“It’s baffling and confusing but it’s also incredibly exciting.

“There was nothing like that as much going on when I was a youth.

“I don’t think the youth of Britain have been in better shape ever really.

“They are going to change the world, they really are going to do it and good luck to them.

“It’s keeping me alive, to be honest.”

James May: Our Man In Italy is now available to watch on Prime Video from July 15th.

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