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James May: Our Man In Italy Trailer Coming (Very) Soon As New Series Approaches

We’ve been waiting for the next series of ‘James May: Our Man In…’ for a very long time. The first series, ‘Our Man In Japan’, was widely positively received by fans as James May travelled across Japan, exploring its secrets, most iconic locations, and haikus. It was a brilliant solo adventure for the presenter.

The second series was supposed to see May travel across America, but this was cancelled due to the pandemic, so the show ended up in Italy, and we’re just as excited.

Now, The grand Tour’s official Twitter account has confirmed that a trailer for ‘James May: Our Man In Italy‘, will be “coming (very) soon”:

They shared:

“Exciting news, the trailer for James May: Our Man in Italy is coming (very) soon. In the meantime can you find him hanging out at these famous landmarks?”

Judging from the photos (which May has been photoshopped into), he’ll be visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Collosseum, Ponte Vecchio, and what looks to be Saint Peter’s Basilica, a cathedral in Rome.

We’re very excited, and will be keeping you up to date as soon as we know more!

Alex Harrington

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