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James May Promises Future Projects: “There’s Some Surprising Stuff, Let’s Put It That Way”

The Grand Tour presenters haven’t been afraid to create solo shows from time to time in the past. Throughout Top Gear, each had their own solo career with Richard Hammond focussing more on children’s shows, James May on things like The Reassembler, and Jeremy Clarkson even attempted his own talk show.

But as time has gone on and The Grand Tour has asked much more from the presenters with the scale of each episode growing exponentially, it’s no surprise that there are much fewer episodes being released each year. In fact, last year only saw the release of two Grand Tour episodes.

Fortunately, this has allowed Clarkson, Hammond, and May to explore their own solo careers much more than before with Jeremy starting the popular Clarkson’s Farm, Richard presenting a seemingly endless number of shows, and May focussing on travelling. But in an interview with BT.com, he’s revealed that he has some really interested projects in the works.

On being asked about his future on the Our Man travel series, May admits that he’s very interested in continuing with his plans to travel across America, as was originally planned before the pandemic hit:

“Oh definitely. We didn’t have any problems with America,” James said.

“We had it all set up. Lots of things I wanted to do. And lots of thing the producers wanted that I didn’t want to do.

“But it now all depends on Italy and how much Amazon like it and how it performs as a show. Everything is metrics driven, but if that’s all good, America would be great.”

He continues to discuss what he’s got planned for the future, admitting that there’s some “surprising stuff” on its way.

“As usual with my life, the future beyond this week is a grey fog. But I am working on a couple of ideas in secret.

“I can’t tell you what they are I’m afraid because that will jinx it. There’s some surprising stuff, let’s put it that way.”

I’d love to know what he’s planning, but knowing James May, it could be anything. Until then, we’ll keep up to date with him via the What Next YouTube channel which promises some different types of content from at least James and Richard.

James May: Our Man in Italy is available on Prime Video from 15 July.

Alex Harrington

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