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James May Reveals Behind The Scenes From ‘Our Main In Italy’ Ahead Of Release

The second series of James May’s travel show ‘Our Man In Italy’ is airing later this month, but while fans await what looks to be another great series, May has posted some behind the scenes images to stir the pasta.

The images, posted to his Instagram account, shows him tasting Italian cheese alongside an TikTok personality Grace, who describes herself as “small a** big dreams”.


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Fans were keen to show their support with several “cheese” comments referencing the Grand Tour presenter’s famous cheese meme.

“More like our man in Eataly,” another joked as James May’s very own niece made a point of James not telling her about this collaboration:

“disappointed you didn’t tell your favourite niece you were meeting her fave tiktoker,” she wrote. “Soz,” James simply replied.

A third commenter questioned his interest in cheese:

“How come James May is just the expert in cheese all of a sudden?” they asked.

James May: Our Man In Italy will be released to Prime Video on July 15.

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