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James May Shocks Fans With Huge Transformation Ahead Of ‘Our Man In…’ Filming

James May, the famous British Grand Tour presenter and travel man, is known for his love of slow cars, good wine, and hearty food. However, in a recent photo, he shocked fans with his incredible weight loss, which he has previously attributed to cycling and eating healthily. May is preparing to head to India for his next travel show, “Our Man in India,” and fans can’t help but notice how much slimmer and fitter he looks.

Cycling for Fitness

May has been a longtime cycling enthusiast since the beginning of lockdown, but it looks as though he has recently taken his passion to a new level. He reportedly started cycling for fitness in 2020 and has since lost a significant amount of weight.

“I’m well buff now but probably can’t drive my car anymore.

“I’m definitely healthier, no doubt about that. I’m slightly slimmer, I’m stronger. I’m still falling to bits but I’m falling to bits in a slightly trimmer way.

“I’ve done a lot of cycling because I’m allowed to. I’ve tried to stick to the rules, but I’m allowed to ride my bike once a day for exercise so pretty much every day of lockdown I did between five and 10 miles.”

Healthy Eating Habits

In addition to cycling, May has also been focusing on eating healthily after his partner put him on a healthy diet to remove some weight from him.

“Sarah my other half has put me on a sort of, I don’t know what it’s called, it’s a diet, it’s a slimming diet,” he told the press.

“It’s a be good to your bowels, be good to your stomach, bowels as in the medieval sense of everything that’s inside you.”

Compliments from Fans

Fans of May have been quick to notice his transformation, with many complimenting him on his appearance, especially compared to his co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

“James May lookin thin!” one fan said on a Reddit post. Another added: “He looks great! What a contrast to Jeremy who’s just completely given up lmao.”

A third added: “James May lookin healthy.”

Another commenter compared James’ weight to Jeremy’s:

“Jimmy looking trim af, good for him, Clarkson on the hand lost a ton of weight during the 1st Season of farming, the 2nd one he actually gained weight during the filming, looks like a pregnant lamppost lol.”

James May’s incredible weight loss is a testament to the power of cycling and healthy eating. His dedication to his fitness and well-being is an inspiration to fans around the world, showing that it’s never too late to make positive changes in your life. We can’t wait to see May’s new look in “Our Man in India” and are excited to see what other adventures he has in store for us.

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