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Where Does James May Travel To In Our Man In Italy?

James May is back travelling the world from our screens with his latest series of his travel show, Our Man in Italy. Taking a break from travelling the world alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, the presenter takes his time exploring Italy, its design, architecture, culture, and of course, food.

Six episodes are now available to watch on Prime Video, but if you haven’t yet caught up with the Our Man series, this is your call to go back and watch Our Man in Japan. The first series follows May as he explores the weird and wonderful culture of Japan. It’s no surprise that he loves it as he travels from the North to the South of the country.

Watched it? Okay, let’s explore where James May traveled to on his Italian adventure.

James May: Our Man In Italy Filming Locations

Palermo, Sicily

We meet James May in Sicily’s capital, Palermo. This town is traditionally Italian, but features modern touches where necessary. It has quite a past of organised crime but its historic buildings, impressive architecture, and strong atmosphere will pull you back.

A few minutes outside of the city and you’ll find Mondello Beach and of course, Teatro Massimo, Italy’s largest opera house.

Cremona, Italy

In Cremona, The Grand Tour presenter heads to the home of the violin, Stradivarius. Here, he plays with these gorgeous instruments alongside a master luthier.


James couldn’t visit Italy without popping it at one of his favourite car manufacturers: Ferrari.

Based in Maranello, Circuito di Fiorano is the official test track for the Italian supercar manufacturer and James gets to pilot not only the Ferrari Roma, but also a modest little Fiat Panda around the track. He was also able to breach the engine room and show the Italians what he could do.


After May’s famous cheese meme, he couldn’t not visit the Credito Emiliano bank, full of parmesan. This bank collects collateral for small business loans on the form of cheese. If I was to ever work in finance, this is where I’d spend my days.


The tour of Italy sees its end in the famous Dolomites, a limestone mountain range that mighties anything Europe has to throw at it set in the North of Italy.

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