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24k Gold Nissan GT-R Owned By A Samurai Makes A Huge Impression In This Video

So, there’s been some buzz around ultra-expensive Nissan GT-Rs lately, specifically the customizable run of 50 Italdesign GT-Rs. Well, step aside Italians, because a Samurai living in the UAE has you beat!

In a recent upload from Youtuber, Mo Vlogs, we get a look at this GT-R covered in real gold. It’s been painstakingly engraves on all of its body panels with an intricate design, that took a full year to complete. As if being made of gold wasn’t enough.

Walking around the car’s widened body, they take not of its insane titanium exhaust, and the air-suspension that allows it to be lowered all the way to the pavement. Now, you wouldn’t want to scrape this thing, because as they observe in the vid, you’d be scraping away gold.

Right when you think things couldn’t get more showy, the owner of the GT-R pulls up in another extremely ostentatious GT-R. This one is painted in a holographic flame orange, with Porsche-style carbon fiber front kit.

Then the man gets out, and we see he is no-joke dressed as a samurai, with wooden sandals, kimono, and even a couple of samurai swords. He waves his Japanese-style fan, and it’s like you’ve entered a whole new world of insanity and sports cars.

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