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A Change In Production Team Brings Big Changes For The Grand Tour Season 4

Andy Wilman, Executive Producer of The Grand Tour has revealed more of the changes coming to The Grand Tour after the change of production company. Over the last few months, W. Chumps and Sons has slowly been slowing down their production responsibilities for The Grand Tour, with the responsibility now going to a BBC-backed production company called Expectation.

Read more about the change in production company here.

Wilman spoke to Deadline to update everyone on not only The Grand Tour, but the solo projects that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are involved with. However, let’s begin with the reason for the change of production company.

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With the success of The Grand Tour’s first three seasons, Amazon has become more relaxed about the rules they’ve given The Grand Tour team. Therefore, the need to have their own production company has diminished. With this responsibility diminishing, they can focus more on the writing and filming of the new special episodes for Season 4.

“We’re doing fewer shows to keep the quality control up, so there’s no need for Chump. We’re not busy enough,” Wilman said. In regards to Expectation taking over, he joked: “It’s a pretty loose deal. It’s not a golf umbrella, more of a foldable umbrella that you can put in your bag.”

He revealed that the new episodes are going to be released individually and not necessarily part of a season, with the first being released later this year. Wilman describes them as “biggies”, and because of this, there will only be four.

The Grand Tour Season 5



While this sounds like we’re missing out on loads of episodes, the solo projects will make up for the loss of overall Grand Tour episodes. As we’ve discussed before, Clarkson is starting a farming show with Amazon, Hammond is starting a show called Richard Hammond’s Big, and James May is currently working on a show called Our Man in Japan.

Andy Wilman also has a solo project he’s working on. “All four of us are doing our own thing for Amazon, but I will be last out of the traps,” Wilman said.

We’re very excited for Season 4, and will keep you updated as its revealed!

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