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A Tribute to Jeremy Clarkson in London has Fallen Movie

Earlier today, we shared a story on how Jeremy Clarkson played a small part in Pixar’s UK version of Cars and the comments we got on facebook were great.

There was one comment in particular from John Robinson from Eastham, Wirral that caught our eye and that was the fact that Jeremy Clarkson was mentioned in the action movie, London has Fallen. Look, I know the movie is terrible, but if you need to squash two hours while your kids are taking a nap, this has just enough action to keep you awake.


We know that there have been stories of fans wanting Jeremy Clarkson to run for Prime Minister to the point that there was an online petition that got almost 50,000 signatures to make a serious run at it. There’s a facebook page that literally has 30,000 people as fans who would want to see it happen. There was enough of a push where the UK government actually made a youtube response:

Well, the producers for London has Fallen must have heard all the noise and decided to sneak in a little tribute to Mr. Clarkson at the end of their film. Check it out here:

“In the words of Prime Minister Clarkson, London has always endured and will rise again!”

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