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Abbie Eaton: The Grand Tour Driver Reveals Her Racing Plans For 2022

We recently reported that Abbie Eaton is back in the driving seat after a three month-long rest period she underwent as a part of her treatment following a horrible crash she was involved in while racing in the W Series in Austin.

After months of therapy and training, Abbie found herself in a Revolution A-One race car that is powered by a 3.7 litre supercharged engine from Ford that produces around 550 horsepower. Thanks to its carbon fiber tub, it can keep up with the pace of LMP3 race cars. It’s quite staggering. But on top of this, Abbie has other news regarding the W Series.

She told DriveTribe:

“Obviously W series have announced their kind of grid lineup for 2022. Um currently, there’s only 17 out of the 18 drivers that have been announced so that last little spot I’m not sure a 100 percent what’s going on with it. Um, but I’m basically doing as much running as I can in the revolution.

“I’ve got a test day and an f3 car at the end of the week and I’m going to hopefully put my case forward to try and get that last seat for W series so um all the effort I’ve done you know with getting better has been to try and do W series again so that’s my main focus for now”

When asked if she was looking to get as many seats as possible for the year, she said:

Abbie has been working hard in the gym to get back into form for her upcoming events. She’s been a great fighter and it is fantastic to see her back in a race car. Go Abbie!

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