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Abbie Eaton Updates Fans As She’s Back On The Track After Breaking Back

Abbie Eaton is back in a racecar after three long months. The British racing driver had suffered two broken vertebrae after her car hit a sausage kerb during the 2021 W Series at turn 15 of the Circuit of Americas.

The impact of the crash was severe as the car was thrown up into the air before crashing back down, causing damage to her spine and putting her in a beck brace for a number of months.

While she removed her brace a few months ago, her war on sausage kerbs had made quite a mark on the sport and they have been removed from a number of tracks since. But this didn’t help the fact that she needed to work twice as hard at getting her body back into racing fitness.

Abbie was found this time in a Revolution A-One race car that is powered by Ford’s 3.7-litre supercharged engine producing 550 horsepower. The tub is made out of carbon fibre so the power to weight ratio can help keep up with LMP3 race cars.

Since it was her first day after the injury, she was pushing 80% to just warm herself up before going on full blast in the upcoming sessions. Even at 80% capacity, she could get an idea of the car’s limits.

Abbie has appeared in a video published by DriveTribe, updating fans about her recovery and revealing her plans for the near future.

She says: “So I’m vertical again, I’m not laid down, which is good. Um, yeah, lots of rehab, lots of training.”

“Um, lots of scans, also lots of rest. And I’m finally able to get back in a car today.”

When asked how she knew it was time to get back into a racecar, Abbie replied: “I think it’s more like you know, what your body is feeling. And currently I feel good to feel good shape.”

“And certainly each week, and especially when I first came out of the brace, you know, there was pain, I was kind of experiencing just purely from my body adjusting to be out the brace again, then kind of with each week that went past, you know, those little niggles disappeared a little bit and then, you know, something else might hurt.”

“And then that disappeared a little bit. And, you know, with the gym work, it’s just strengthening my upper back and strengthening all my core that has basically gone to sleep the last four months.

Um, but yeah, I starting to feel probably in the last, maybe two, three weeks, really like a hundred percent again.”

We’re happy and excited to see Abbie back in a racecar. As she puts on her helmet for 2022, we’ll keep you posted about her plans for the year.

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