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All Changes Coming To The Grand Tour Season 4

After Jeremy’s teary end to the third season of The Grand Tour, it’s safe to say that things are going to change. But everyone seems to be a bit confused about what’s actually staying and what’s not, so we’ve broken it down for you here.

No More Tent

That’s right, the tent isn’t coming back. No longer will there be an audience, instead there will be simply road trips, and more road trips. Think TopGear specials, but every single episode. Dammit we’re being spoilt!

No More Conversation Street

Despite our petition to keep Conversation Street, there has been no evidence that it will be coming back any time soon. Yep, that means no more car news from our favourite travelling trio. No more, “I was on the internet and I found this” moments, and this makes us very sad.

No More Eboladrome

Yes that’s right. While this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s highly unlikely that the Eboladrome will be coming back. With no tent and therefore no lap leaderboard, what’s the use of the track? Anyway, the world is The Grand Tour’s oyster, why limit themselves to only one racing track? On top of this, there have been endless complaints regarding the Eboladrome as to whether or not it is a track that accurately shows a car’s potential. Maybe it’s best to leave it behind.

We’re Losing Abbie Eaton

The racing driver who united fans and made us laugh will more than likely not be returning. With no Eboladrome, there aren’t any cars for her to be timing around the track. Maybe she’ll return in a few skits, but as far as we and her know, she’s not going to be returning to The Grand Tour.

No More Celebrity Interviews

While this isn’t going to be such sad news for most, especially as Season 3 was free from the – what most people call – boring segment, celebs will not be returning, calling an end to an era.

Let us know what you want to see, or don’t want to see coming to the fourth season in the comments below. We’d love to know! And even though there are plenty of changes coming to our beloved show, we can’t wait to see what the trio have in store for us.

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  1. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has in their lives something that they have grown up with, whether it be a family car that has remained in the family or a house, for other people it’s a collection of antiques or even a collection of toys.

    For me, it was Top Gear. It’s bad enough that the BBC did not show forgiveness but that being said, The Grand Tour made it better. For me this is my ‘bricks and mortar’. The show must remain the way it is and or with improvements because in taking away what we are used to, you are taking away a big portion of the endearment that we the audience and any future audience have for Jeremy, Richard and James. Only making specials and road trips is great, make no mistake, but sure the show as it is can go on at least a little longer.

  2. I enjoy the road trips but I would like to see some car reviews or a little car history and maybe the occasional fun Christmas gift idea-type segments.

  3. Every year, I host a drive for old sports cars through California’s best roads, primarily, the Central Coastal area. I’d like to invite you to join us. 3 days, 1000 miles of the best backroads you can imagine. We stay is cheap hotels and eat in local diners. We drive at speeds that are comfortable and try to keep our motley gaggle of TR3s, DS Citroens, MGs, and Datsun Roadsters running. Get hold of a pre-70 British car and join the fun! WE DARE YOU!

  4. I would love the Conversation Street to come back. After all, this is a motoring show and as such, should involve a proper dialogue about cars, new releases, etc. Those three are no doubt very informed and have an opinion about anything, so we can laugh but learn the good stuff as well.

    I am in for more specials and I quite liked Mongolia, Colombia, Kazakhstan and some of the previous ones, too. For me, they should do some do more cross-country trips. As a passionate traveller, I would love to see for instance, a crossing between Alaska and Russia tracing the history of Alaska and encountering some of the locals. A trip among Australia’s outback or touring New Zealand, Saudi Arabia or crossing Turkey all the way from Istanbul to the border with Iran…as they said, there are some countries they have not done yet!!

  5. PLEASE don’t remove Conversation Street!! That’s one of my favorite segments of the show! Other than that, as long as Hammond, Clarkson, and May return for the 4th season on GT, I don’t care where they do the show from! I miss them!

  6. I would like to see the guys take a trip to Alaska. Lots of roads to drive and fun and interesting people to interact with.

  7. Its quite sad that they gave up on conversation street and I would love to see abbie on season 4

  8. I would like to continue to see timed laps on a race course. This is very useful for comparing car performances. I feel the show will lose some purpose without it.

  9. First of all I’d like to thank you guys (all involved) for doing what you do, it brings joy and lightheartedness into the world and we could all use a bit more of that. I am sad to see the tent and audience go as part of the new changes to the show but I do understand overhead can get a tad expensive. It is my hope that, while making these changes, the show doesn’t loose the very human connection that Clarkson, Hammond, and May have to their fans. After all, this trio of celebrity aren’t the type which stroll the red carpet and then escape to multi-million pound mansions to protect themselves from the peasants and we love them for that.
    Regarding the format change to the show. I can see the appeal of an all special or expedition style show. After all, the guys seem to shine the most when they have to overcome some adversity or are just screwing around in some exotic locale. However, a special stops being special and the exceptional treat stops being exceptional when it becomes common place. In other words, a diet consisting only of champagne and cookies is good for no one, we need our veggies and meat/proteins too. Because of this I do advocate for the short video essays about new cars, new variants, new technologies, etc because it breaks up a meal made only of sweets. What’s more, your average viewer is never going to own a hyper car (probably not the super cars either) so we want to know your thoughts on the cars we could drive one day.
    Thanks again for the laughs and the moments that make me 12 and in love with cars.

  10. Agreed, I would want “the news” or Conversation Street back. I would LOVE to see more cheap car challenges or any challenges as well as races from one location to another. Also, I would like to see if they would be willing to find a way to bring Ben Collins into this. Glad to hear that the celebrity section will remain gone.

  11. I am predicting something similar to US Top Gear about half way through season 3 and on. They didn’t have a location or an audience, they just did challenges, either with new cars, or cheap car challenges. While it is different, it can still be pretty fun

  12. It could be quite entertaining to have Abby in every episode as they travel about. She could be a random bartender, bus driver, hotel clerk, waitress, whatever – and give the lads shit over losing her job.

    I would also love to have a question answered – who is the fastest among Ben Collins, Abby Eaton, or Mike Skinner (please tape his mouth shut). It would be amazing to have them all drive the same car, same track, same day and give us all a final answer. Even add Perry McCarthy if you can find him in an alley somewhere.


  14. Would love to see the 3 on road trips visiting & helping/annoying every other motoring programme Inc Fast & Loud.Car SOS. Wheeler dealers.F1.OCC……????

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